KUGI Giftbox


We have the most sustainable Giftbox filled with all kinds of goodies! Everything is sustainably produced! We also have a vegetarian/vegan version. All boxes include either 3 bottles (0,33L) of KUGI Seltzer or 1 bottle (0,75L) of KUGI Chardonnay Lavender Spritzer. This one is a great gift, even though it is actually also great to keep for yourself. We have the following boxes available:

  • Classic
  • Veggie
  • Christmas
  • 1 Person
  • Custom

Price: ranging from EUR 23-45 (incl. BTW)

Delivery: Please contact our our sales department if you need separate home delivery for every package. Our online store only offers a single address delivery option, so all packages will be delivered to 1 address.

Weight 4.5 kg
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Classic, Veggie, Christmas, 1-Person, Game, Custom

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