KUGI is an alcoholic seltzer with real juices & herbs: a refreshing low-alcoholic (4.5%) drink that is naturally carbonated by our unique fermentation process. KUGI has designed its drink in such a way, that there is no sugar in the product. Therefore, KUGI is relatively low in calories. Furthermore, it is a vegan and gluten-free drink. We take pride into developing a product in a sustainable way, which is one of the reasons we exclusively use real juices & herbs. We strive for a production process with minimal energy needed and little to zero waste. The name “KUGI” comes from the abbreviation of Kurkuma (turmeric) and Ginger, which are the original ingredients of KUGI. The ingredients were not only picked for their great flavor, but also for their health benefits. KUGI contains ingredients full of vitamins, antioxidants and more.


Nowadays, people are extremely conscious about the products they consume. Nonetheless, most of us drink alcohol on a regular basis, without considering its impact on our bodies or the environment. One day, as we were enjoying some drinks with our friends, we noticed that many of our favorite drinks were filled with sugar, unhealthy, and not very refreshing. There is a sustainable, healthy, and transparent option in nearly every category of consumer products, except for alcohol. Why is this? We knew this had to change, and so we started our mission to make a brand new alcoholic drink that is made from real, organic juices and herbs, but without any added sugar or artificial ingredients. Our mission resulted in something delicious, refreshing, and relatively low in calories: KUGI. This tasty drink fits a modern lifestyle of being active and driven, but at the same time wanting to unwind and enjoy on weekends.


We don’t stop with using just organic ingredients. We also teamed up with WWF as an official Business supporter to invest a part of our revenue into some amazing projects to protect endangered animals such as the Elephant, Bear and the Gorilla. With our labels, we also want to promote awareness around this. If we take the brown bear for example, this used be an animal that thrived throughout Europe, but has now been extinct. We currently invest in a project called “a billion tree project” that protects and plants forests around the globe in order to protect the animals that live in these beautiful forests. This also goes further for us, as we specifically choose this project: we want to be a completely CO2 neutral company. Investing in projects that protect current, and create new, forrest was a logical step to compensate for our carbon footprint (caused mainly by brewing and logistics.